IRS Problem Resolution

We help our clients create the best resolution to problems with the IRS:

Letters, Collections, Audit, Garnishment, Liens, Offer in Compromise, Payments plans - we offer affordable, competent IRS help.


Tax Strategies and Preperation

We spend the time to help get to know our clients and their businesses.  Then we develop strategies and systems to help you find, document, and claim the deductions, credits, and deferrals you deserve.

Tax Accounting and Payroll

We offer affordable tax accounting and simple payroll services. Most entrepreneurs aren't accountants.  You need to focus on your business.  Let us show you how we can take your tax accounting and payroll burden off your shoulder without breaking the bank.

Real Estate is Our Specialty.

We are experienced real estate and private lender investors ourselves.  We specialize in serving investors who rent, loan, or buy and sell.

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We value relationships with our clients and we are here for you for tax, business, investing, and real estate advice or any other matter that involves your money.

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